The Northwest Passage

The video above shows landscape painting highlights from our trip along the fabled Northwest Passage aboard the Akademik Ioffe in the summer of 2012. Many thanks to the team at One Ocean Expeditions for a great voyage and enabling me to continue  the long term study and documentation of the arctic’s incredibly beautiful yet fragile and changing landscape. A selection of paintings from this trip are now on my website as well as a few on this post.  Also many fine photographs from this voyage can be found on Daisy Gilardini’s recent blog post.


Northwest Passage Route 2012 aboard the AKademik Ioffe

"Akademik Ioffe near Ilulissat, Greenland."

“Akademik Ioffe near Ilulissat, Greenland.”

"Northwest Passage"

Northwest Passage – 12in x 22in watercolour – 31.08.2012

"Scott Inlet, Baffin Island"

Scott Inlet, Baffin Island – 8in x 15in watercolour – 04.09.2012

"Sea Ice n.2"

Sea Ice n.2 – 8in x 15in watercolour – 30.08.2012

"Leaving Scott Inlet, Baffin Island"

Leaving Scott Inlet, Baffin Island – 8in x 15in watercolour – 04.09.2012

"Cuming Inlet n.2"

Cuming Inlet n.2 – 7in x 15in watercolour -19.08.2012

"Jakobshaven Fjord"

Jakobshaven Fjord – 8in x 22in watercolour -16.08.2012

"Jakobshaven Fjord"

Jakobshaven Fjord – 8in x 22in watercolour -16.08.2012

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6 Responses to The Northwest Passage

  1. Philip Walters says:

    Thank you David for your wonderful paintings! It makes me long to return to the Arctic.

  2. fabulous light, marvelous colours – I really want to go and see and paint the cold continents.

  3. Clive Powsey says:

    Super paintings, Dave, from a super landscape. Another world. The filmmaking is great stuff to; I really like the narrative effect using editing of live action and painting imagery.

    • David McEown says:

      Thanks Clive, i am glad you like the video too. I think its useful for folks to see our process and also for me to remember, “wow this really happened!” . In the meantime we are taking lots of footage of the wildlife , landscape and people for a long term project witnessing the change going on in the arctic.

  4. Painter Lady says:

    Wowsers…I’m so pleased to find the link to your blog via Tim Schumm’s facebook! I’m in awe! What a wondrous landscape. I’m now going to go browse the rest of your site. Be safe…at peace…and enjoy the painting!

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