Painting In The Great Bear Rainforest

The video above and the following paintings were inspired from an amazing boat trip to the “Great Bear Rainforest “, in British Columbia’s central coast.  Along with   several other colleagues and a wonderful crew aboard the Columbia III , we  were part of  a large gathering of artists working to raise awareness of the rich  fragile  beauty of this place that is threatened with   a new proposed oil  pipeline and supertanker traffic sailing through some of the most bio diverse and rich eco systems on the planet. For more information on the “Artists for an Oil Free Coast “ project   please visit the Raincoast  Conservation Foundation Website.  A wonderful coffee table book  of paintings and writings from the project is now available! Also painting from this trip are now posted on the recent works gallery.

The Great Bear RainforestÈ

The Great Bear Rainforest – 24in x 36in watercolour

Painting in Kynoch Inlet, Fiord Lands, British Columbia

"Fiord Lands"

Fiord Lands – 11.5in x 22in watercolour -19.06.2012

"Receding Tide"

Receding Tide – 15in x 22in watercolour – 22.06.12

"Fiordlands study #3"

Fiordlands study #3 – 5.5in x15in watercolour – 19.06.2012

"The Outer Islands"

The Outer Islands – 9in x22in watercolour

About David McEown

Artist, Landscape Painter, Art instructor, Musician
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6 Responses to Painting In The Great Bear Rainforest

  1. Wow! Nice Work David! So great to see some of those amazing sights again.

  2. paul jorgensen says:

    Great stuff David, you captured it all. It was like reliving it again.

  3. I enjoyed the video and made me feel like being there. I wanted to be there!! Your paintings are beautiful and inspired. You are a great artist.

  4. Beautiful place! Your paintings are inspired and magical

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