Painting South Georgia

For all around wildlife and scenery, a visit to the sub antarctic island of South Georgia is incomparable. The video above captures some of the painting highlights and wildlife encounters from a recent trip in late 2011.

Imagine being dropped off at a beach to paint and be surrounded by more than 200,000 King Penguins, this is truly an exciting problem to have!

"Painting with Elephant Seal pup at Gold Harbour"

"Painting with Elephant seal pup at Gold Harbour"

After taking some photo and video reference I find a place to sit without obstructing the wildlife highways and be still to observe the cycle of life displayed within meters. On one landing a real highlight was when an elephant seal pup came out of the surf and decided to curl up underneath my easel thus slowly nudge me off my chair.

"The Gathering at Gold Harbour"

"The Gathering at Gold Harbour", 14in x 22in watercolour

With only a few hours ashore before heading back to the ship, the main landscape contours and mood is recorded in wash as well as inspiring groupings of wildlife interaction rendered. These on location works are really useful as reference for future studio paintings as photos can come with unnecessary details.

"Fortuna Bay - South Georgia"

"Fortuna Bay ", 9in x 22in watercolour - 26.11.2011 South Georgia

We really look forward to go back to South Georgia and Antarctica next season!

"West Point - Falkland Islands"

"West Point" - 14in x 22in watercolour - 22.11.2011 Falkland Islands

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6 Responses to Painting South Georgia

    • Hi David: I am also working on my own South Georgia series for two shows here in Tucson, believe it or not. I really admire your recent paintings. I took your workshop in Whistler last summer and although an avid painter have not been able to transition to watercolour. I love your work but just finding myself in oil. It was a fantastic trip, wasn’t it. Plus you had the added bonus of seeing Wild buried beside “The Boss”. We managed to land on Elephant Island. Just for 5 minutes but the first landing in a long time. Got to do some of the locations I bought paintings of from your last trip at Brown Bluff. Now daydreaming of the next polar adventure. I am thinking Russian Arctic. What are your plans? Cheers Diane (Langlois).

      • David McEown says:

        Hi Diane, great to hear from you! Glad your painting up a “storm”, I like the gentoo paintings on your website. I hope to back in arctic this summer(after whistler workshop) . Northwest Passage east from greenland to western arctic looks like a go. Still waiting on a possible Baffin island too, will know more soon. Cheers!

    • David McEown says:

      Thanks liz! I Look forward to posting new antarctic footage really soon that you may like, cheers!

  1. ramdas Iyer says:

    Hi Dave…This is Ram- we were on the Svalbard trip in July 2014. I really enjoy your paintings and wish you all luck. How is Daisy?.
    I am booked on the South Georgia, Falklands for Oct 22, 2018.

    Good luck to you

  2. ramdas Iyer says:

    Correction- Oct 22, 2015

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