Federation of Canadian Artists on Gabriola Island

The Federation of Canadian Artists invited me to be one of the instructors at a week-long en plein air painting event on beautiful Gabriola Island in British Columbia. It was wonderful to paint with almost 125 artists that descended on the island from all over North America. We had ocean shoreline vistas and wildlife sightings as well as old heritage farm lands to draw inspiration from. Plus the weather cooperated as well. Also it was inspirational to work with fellow instructors Mike Svob, Brent Heighton, Deanne Lemley and guest lecturer Robert Genn. The event was one of most well organized workshops I have participated in. The Haven Resort site was a fine location to host such a large event. The Phoenix  auditorium also was a great venue for nightly  panel discussion on art and presentations, in which I gave my  “Antarctica to the North Pole” painting adventure show. Many thanks to  the organizers that put this together. I wish the FCA much success next year and recommend it to those that want to paint on “island time for a while”.

"David with Demo from Entrance Point Light House"

David with watercolour demo from Entrance Point Light House

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2 Responses to Federation of Canadian Artists on Gabriola Island

  1. jo baumann says:

    Hello David,
    The salmon run must have been awesome to watch. I heard so much about it. I think they said 30 s0me odd million salmon?? Lucky you! To be able to catch this phenomenon and to paint it!! The painting is gorgeous. I saw amazing abstracts when I was watching the video.
    Just loved the Grrizzly. You are so conscientious to hang out with those guys. And..so brave.
    While you have been having such fun, the new Edithvale Centre opened a couple of weeks ago. Bernadette, Anna and I were there to promote the workshops. I now have Joe Halagian’s job.
    The Centre is beautiful but it is not operative as yet. We are still waiting to get in . We are all very upset that you won’t be here for the April sessions and we hope that you are returning for 2012.
    It is so amazing that we can communicate and follow your wonderful and exciting adventures into these remote places.
    Awaiting the next update.
    Jo Baumann

    • David McEown says:

      Hi Jo, Thanks for the feedback, yes i will miss your group in april, please say hi to all, i will be working doing work on the west coast , (and even a presentation in europe in late May!)
      Keep in touch, i still want to come back and lead another workshop with the willowdale group of artists in ontario and see the new venue, possible late fall 2011 or 2012. cheers! David

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