Painting along the Canol Heritage Trail

Autumn colours and snow can arrive early as mid August on the tundra.  The vast panoramas dotted with herds of caribou are equally as wondrous as the tapestry and complexity of the tundra’s microcosm. Paintings and photos were completed along the Canol Heritage Trail which passes through the Northwest Territories and Yukon border in northern Canada. The Objective of this trip was to have a further understanding of the tundra and sub tundra landscapes to complement a large body of paintings from the Arctic regions that I have worked on for the past several years. Special thanks to Dechenla Lodge for their hospitality and for my painter friends Dominik Modlinski and Tim Schum for doing much of the driving! More paintings on from this trip are posted on my recent works page.




Dechenla, NWT#1

"Dechenla, NWT#1" 10 in x 22in watercolour


Storm along the ranges.

"First Snow"

"First Snow, NWT" 15in. x 22in. watercolour

"Painting in the Yukon"

Painting in the Yukon, high above the North Canol Road

"Above The Pass"

"Above The Pass" 15in x 22in. watercolour

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Artist, Landscape Painter, Art instructor, Musician
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2 Responses to Painting along the Canol Heritage Trail

  1. david reilly says:

    As usual wonderful stuff David.
    Have been attempting to find you on Facebook, but without success.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Always inspiring to tune in to your paintings – the spirit of the places you paint is perfectly captured in every piece. Fran and I often stand for a few moments to soak up the powerful atmosphere captured in the ones we have – reminds us that there is peace and tranquility in the world, if we just stop to look for it.

  2. David McEown says:

    Thank you for the wonderful comments, i still have people compliment the paintings you have after they see it on the web. Some folks are finding me and some are not on facebook right now , perhaps because i just signed up last week the search engines have not tagged me. Anyway keep trying and or i will try to contact you. Cheers!

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