It has been wonderful to show paintings and adventures over the past ten years on the world wide web. This blog hopes to complement my website and  continue the journey through paintings, muti-media presentations and hopefully some shared thoughts! A work of art is not complete until it is shared.

"Antarctic Shoreline"

"Antarctic Shoreline" 22in. x 30in. watercolour

About David McEown

Artist, Landscape Painter, Art instructor, Musician
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4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Chris Riley says:

    What an exciting group of entries and videos. I’m still haunted by making the choice on Gabriola to stay in and paint instead of attending your presentation. ARRRGGH The only time I can remember when choosing to paint was the wrong way to go.

    I’ll watch for the announcement that you will be in Edmonton with your penguins and grizzly’s. What a perfect dichotomy. I’m relieved to see a wildlife video where I’m not suspicious whether it’s staged and they’ve stuffed M&M’s in the mice for the hawks.

    Was wonderful meeting you and hope our paths once again cross. Chris

  2. David McEown says:

    Thank you Chris. Sorry you missed that show, such great energy in that FCA room with so many painters! However i hope to have many more presentations and am booking events in 2011 and onward, feel free to put my name forward to a group. I often do the the presentation with a exciting painting demo. All the best! David

  3. Peter Marsh says:

    Hi Dave,

    spectacular video footage. Wendy says “that bear has big toenails” and I say ‘yes and he could reach Dave in about 4 seconds!’

    Spectacular stuff and it looks like wonderful scenery to be painting in. Most inspirational, and my turn is coming when I finish my term in office.

    There is plenty going on over the next two weeks. Opening of the Open Water Exhibition, Gala Anniversary Dinner, and Anniversary “Pub Night”. Also a concurrent show at the Arts and Letters.

    As always all the best to you. I do cherish looking at your work from time to time.

    Stay warm!


    • David McEown says:

      Hi Peter, yes you have to come out and paint in the mountains and down by the ocean. Thanks also for the great job you are doing for the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. I am in Vancouver now and will miss the Gala, but hope to make the Pub Night at the Arts and Letters Club. Hope to see you soon.

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